Point well made.

Modern governments treat their citizens as subjects, slaves, and possessions. For the Federal Reserve, Americans are assets:


Resisting can be only a personal decision. Protests can be dispersed with water cannons (in Germany, they even put some nasty stuff in the water), DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons), and blocking bank accounts of resistors is also an option, as it happened during the truckers' protest in Canada.

Nobody deserves to be turned into an object of ownership, only because they cannot do anything about it:


It is bound to get worse:


Those in power are taking something from you that they have never given you... Is it your life or "only" your humanity? That is your choice.

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Our relationship to power is, in general, that of a hedgehog on a road in relation to an approaching truck.

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One more thing: please, insert links to your articles into my comment sections, whenever applicable.

There is only a few of us, and if we ever grew bigger, we wouldn't be allowed to stick around anymore. :)

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I have also included your article in one of my articles today:


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