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Many thanks!

My whole life we've been taught that Russia - while a cultural wonder (Dostoevsky, Andrei Tarkovsky, etc.) - is a totalitarian hell (We, by Zemyatin comes to mind, which (as you probably know) Orwell read before writing 1984).

But by all indications, and at least at this point in time, totalitarianism isn't in Russia, it's here, in the US.

Americans - and many worldwide - fell asleep over the past 50 years or so; and while dreaming of how "evil" Russia is, our world was being transformed into exactly what we feared.

Funny you mention TV; I didn't grow up watching it, and have never owned one. I swear it has made all the difference.

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The Anglo-American Origins of Color Revolutions & NED


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You and I are working on the same project! :)

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The United States IS the new Nazi Germany ..... on the topic of Russians, no one in NYC bats an eye at any newcomers or any group of immigrants..... many Russians I met over the years in NYC have an awesome sense of human, can really tell it like it is plus quite a few are just so enjoyable to go out and have a drink with or to invite over to dinner or to an afternoon summertime BBQ. But then again, NYC is the same as every city in the USA.

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Have you found any media outlets that are sympathetic to our plight? I can identify with your fight in the legal system. I'm dealing with the situation that involves fraud upon the court. In this case, officers of the Court should be concerned about being removed from the bench or having to deal with disciplinary action but I think they do this with the confidence and knowledge that there are no crimes against certain individuals, perhaps there are only rewards for what they do to us. They definitely achieved their goal of isolation for me.

It's difficult for me to go out knowing how creepy things are. Perhaps that's their goal, I don't know. The vibe is just so disgusting.

I'm here if you want to compare notes and make headway on our battles. I've established contact with US senator and hope to follow through with the presentation of some matters.

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