It's true what you say. I often think that *they* are going to *go after* me when I state the unconventional obvious.

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I read a short story once by P.K. Dick called "The Hanging Stranger", not the most delightful tale, but still worthy, and even prophetic.

The gist of it is that we the people are to be scared away from attempting to rally the forces, by the fear of being severely persecuted (killed) for stating what Should Be Obvious, when the earthly reality is pretty clear on the matter, and has been recorded throughout the history of the martyrs and saints (mostly read as heretics and madmen, if read at all) , and so it will likely be unto our current time, one could deduce from the signs.

If one is not prepared to burn incense to the gods of Caesar, then the outcome is most often that of ones own physical demise, and so, indeed, it may prove out; but I must ask myself: "Is my adherence to my idea of honest, sacred truth, and the dignity done unto 'IT' by me, in this, my earthly being, worth sticking my neck out for, worth not only living for, but dying for, as in 'live free or die'?" (no mere hollow words), and the answer is, and always has been, for me, a resounding "yes".

So, donning the will to Faith, I must prepare for the war that is all around me, and know that the "life" lived upon bent knee, with the tyrant's yoke "allowing" me to even breathe (shouldn't I be thankful?), is not even what I can call living.

I am willing to face it -- the monster, the lie -- eye to eye, and I expect no quarters given. I fully understand that I am the enemy of the haters of the truth of Sacred Life, and may pay the ultimate price for my refusal to trade fealties.

I hear you, as regards your indignation at such a faulted (legal) system in this great land of ourn, but it is as ancient as nearly-fallen Rome, and our voices are trained into pitiless ears, as the wolves guard the sheep, now, as ever, in this scheme of wickedness.

The great horrors are continually following the red carpet that has been laid out for them ever so carefully.

I would humbly advise anyone to give up on the notion of justice being served up well by the perpetrator(s) of the crime(s), and to seek and find strength in their own unique umbilicus tied to the creation, and to build and polish the temple, finding calm in the simple, meaningful acts of the day to day, while keeping alert for the proper time to book it, should one need to, as one may at any moment, presently.

These are the times that will try our souls. Blessings upon the path.

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