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I can't ''like'' this, only acknowledge it. Very tragic story for all 3 of you. Honest question- have you ever considered returning to Russia? I don't have any idea if that would be a better alternative, or not. Just wondering. Wishing you luck.

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I will be most certainly returning to Russia!

Not that I think that it is or would be necessarily better there. My friend, Ramola D, who is being attacked brutally - but in a different way where there is no escape - says that she is being attacked when she travels.

From what I've observed, there is certainly a tightly knit nationwide network of criminals-in-law. It also makes sense to assume that it is actually worldwide.

In any event, I still do not accept that the criminals should go unpunished and even without the public realizing an extent of their crimes.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and wishing me luck.

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Beyond horrific.

Sickening all round.

Makes my skin crawl in alarm for you and your family.

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I realize this may be coming too late but there is a booklet out called "Curing the Incurables" by Dr. John R. Christopher.

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