Absolutely spot on. The cultish behavior around him (and Steve Kirsch, et al) should have also clued me in early on. Took a while to see it. Sort of embarrassed that I did not at first. I suppose many of us have been feeling desperate and looking for a spokesperson who would have more credibility; and, of course, he was provided exactly to satisfy this need. Many thanks!

Yes, that excuse: "to be effective" we can't seem "too extreme" (defined by whom, exactly?) shtick was used by Kirsch in a recent response to me.

But if they're ineffective and unsafe, how is it extreme to say so?

And if they had never been demonstrated to be safe and effective, why did you ever advocate them?

Not buying it anymore; from anyone.

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Probably the biggest concern for me above is the obvious trolls/bots being paid to talk Malone up and he's liked them all.

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Malone working on his own toxic concoction, RelCovax™, with Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani (of Reliance Life Sciences) - https://www.unite4truth.com/post/what-is-relcovax-the-covid-19-vaccine-dr-robert-malone-pitched-at-summit-in-2021-nothing-good

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I learned of my son's vaccine injury in 2013. It took me a few years to understand the extent of the corruption. Malone was only injured in 2021. I would suggest that you give him some time.


FYI, I am Malone's coauthor:


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Finally, someone who is thinking like I do and openly publishes it (the following is only a relevant example):


Here is a good post from someone else today:


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I emailed Robert Kennedy Jr. and told him that Robert Malone was "controlled opposition. I explained to him that I had researched the man's words and was convinced and wrote an article about him. https://newswithviews.com/dr-robert-malone-knight-in-shining-armor-or-controlled-opposition/ However, he said that we needed more like him, I said NO WE DON'T.

Then I found out that his wife Jill had some very important information on her Linked In site, where she stated that her favorite people were Bill Gates and Justin Trudeau. Her favorite company was Sanofi Pharmaceuticals who her husband worked for. So I sent this information to author Diana West and she wrote another article that included this information from a video taken of Dr. Jill Malone's Linked In site. The video was taken before she removed the incriminating evidence. Here is her article: https://dianawest.net/Home/tabid/36/EntryId/4421/Dr-Robert-Malone-A-Risk-Analysis.aspx

As well, there are other dissident docs who know that Malone is controlled opposition and who detest him.

Beware! False friends are more dangerous than open enemies, and that's the case with Robert Malone, M.D.

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Malone and Peter Navarro have agreed and both have stated that only the "most vulnerable" should get the jabs. Well, that translated to the elderly, the "useless eaters" as Schwab and friends like to call them. Obviously Malone believes we need to cull the planet of the oldsters because as many other dissident docs have stated, "The elderly will die the quickest from these clot shots." Dr. Bhakdi, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Ryan Cole, and far more have said this. Of course we know these inoculations are not safe for anyone of any age, and now they're after the babies. The other night I was at a bible study and one of the lady's said she hadn't taken her two year old to church because she wasn't vaccinated. I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I said little ones don't get Covid, she doesn't need to be injected with an experimental vaccine.

I swear, the people who listen to CNN's Pravda propaganda are brainless. God help us!

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YOU'RE A RIOT! Malone "peddles 'covid' injections to CHILDREN". 🤣🤣 At what mark? Quotation please.

He tells them to learn about the disease and the vaccines and talk to their parents.

Wow. Looks like you need to revisit middle school language skills and learn the definition of "peddle". You write like an 8th grader. Sad, too, because I agree 100% that government consists of rabid criminals working in concert in criminal activities. Biggest gang in the hood.

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In his own words: "I am an internationally recognized scientist/physician and the original inventor of mRNA vaccination as a technology, DNA vaccination, and multiple non-viral DNA and RNA/mRNA platform delivery technologies. I hold numerous fundamental domestic and foreign patents in the fields of gene delivery, delivery formulations, and vaccines: including for fundamental DNA and RNA/mRNA vaccine technologies.....Now, I have always been taught and believed that vaccines must be developed in conjunction with life saving treatments for an emerging infectious disease or a pandemic. I am a vaccinologist. I invented the core mRNA vaccine technology platform. I have spent much of my career working on vaccine development. I have also had extensive experience in drug repurposing for infectious disease outbreaks. I am not an antivaxxer in any way, shape or form." https://www.rwmalonemd.com/

I think Malone wants to play both sides of the net. He has never seemed the least bit trustworthy to me. Money and praise are strong motivators; he probably saw an opportunity to cash in on all his basically anonymous work.

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The 'tip of the spear' is deliberately blunt. Malone is a shill and so is his sidekick, Steve Kirsch.

I find them both deeply offensive and dangerous.

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Great work. (See, I can write like a Malone sycophant.)

Thank you for speaking the truth.

I salute you and I thank you.

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