Often there does seem to be a rebound effect in this lifetime for those who deliberately harm others. It does seem to include mostly individuals engaged in a life of stealing, or those who murder people they know for personal reasons. I agree that nothing happens to many of the elite criminals, look at Mao and Stalin. And so many people worldwide are wrongly and severely persecuted. I don’t know if prior life karma has a bearing on that, but I agree that the seemingly untouchable evil of the global cartel is very disturbing.

From what I have listened to, some near death experiencers have visited hell and say it as horrible beyond all description. I pray no one has to go there, especially permanently, but it is not my decision. Some are stuck in an infinite loop of having to experience all the pain they caused others over and over again.

If god forbid anyone finds themselves there, pray ceaselessly to Jesus to get you out.

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Already Shakespeare's Hamlet observed about Polonius, "Smile, smile, and be a villain."

Apparently, there are many forms of deception, but self-deception is the worst... Usually the ones who want to be deceived are the ones, who are.

Hope is now weaponized, too:


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