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I write articles and am always receiving requests such as yours listed above to Diana West. For the most part, if I respond saying I just don't have time, I will then receive all the excuses as to why I should read this particular item/items sent to me. If I tell them that I cannot possibly respond to all the requests I receive like this, I get the same response. For me, it's best to ignore them. Busy people cannot read everything people send you...it's impossible. But to call her names because she didn't reply is not a way to win friends and influence people. She will never respond to you now. I have read all of Diana's works, and they're brilliant and deeply researched. She also has a blog and writes some of the most in depth exposes I've ever read. I consider her an absolutely amazing journalist and author. Brilliant doesn't describe her. So, I think you'd probably be wise to delete the portions in which you claim she is another false person, and just understand that these kinds of requests come in all the time and we simply cannot do it.

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