Thanks to everyone who wishes me good luck. By the way, I was not having “bad luck” in the US, I just stumbled upon the criminal cartel which continues with its crimes exclusively because the public allows it and supports it in the wrongdoings.

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Sorry to know you have left America but very glad to hear you are finding happiness....:) All true, what you say, re. cartel evil and treachery -- they'll get their dose of Karma soon enough, and I suspect many of them know it. We are circling around to consequence--and for some, it won't be pretty. For us, whom they have harmed--only life and joy awaits. Reaching out to our own lives and joys is so important--exactly what they want to prevent us from doing, but which they can't succeed at...as long as we keep "flowing like water" to our own centers, souls, truth, clarity, and lives...:)

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Good luck in your new home. Curious as to why you won't reveal where that is. Especially after all you've been forthright about revealing in your struggles in the USA. Best to you and Forrest

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I had a friend once.

I saved his life twice in recent times.

Best men were we, for one another, 90 and 93, first he, a Cdn in Guatemala

followed by me, in 93

There's a novel in all that, but not here.

When Trump got in, he lost his mind. He forget everything he ever learned, willfully.

He bought into Russia Gate, hook line and shrinker.

He forgot about Comey, Seth Rich, and dismissed everything that tarnish his good guys, counting the days, that he might pray at a statue, of Mueller.

"I'm on the right side history", he'd say, never batting an eye, so full of false virtue.

An atheist, a nilhist, a self imposed curfew.

A best before date, one for which, he's already too late.

No thoughts of parallels, in terms of specifics, but disappointments, sometimes they swell, the longer one thinks.

I like to keep myself busy while everyone else sleeps.

Here in Canada, property rights are now subject to whatever whimsical mood, the boy prince, and his feudalist pals keep.

Good luck to you.

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Good for you. Millions of Americans have left - for good - and have never looked back. It will help many dissidents and others to write about which countries are worse, which countries are just as bad and which countries are better.... and of course reporting on what happens when you get to a better place... for example, finding a new home, the immigration process, work, getting and maintaining an income, learning the language.... the two halves of the American 'expat' communities in almost every country (the half who are secretly working for the US govt and the other half who are real Americans, who left for good - for plenty of good reasons. Most real Americans who leave for good are surprised by a couple things: 1) about a quarter of the countries on earth are still colonies of the CIA (hellholes) and 2) most countries have so many real Americans who left and never looked back (only regrets being that they didn't leave even sooner than they did). Congratulations and Godspeed!

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In NYC, people got to see which places are better (the people who visit from other countries and then rush to get out of the USA to get back to those countries) v. the few people nowadays who come to the USA to stay at least a decade make some money then leave (Guatemala and Honduras are 2 examples). There are other people who came but then left long ago. the Chinese for example came in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s but then most of the Chinese left in the 1980s and 1990s. In different countries around the world today, the people who most talk about migrating away are the people in 5 eyes countries (US, UK, Australia, Canada, NZ)...... in other countries many people talk about leaving for a few years to make money on the Arabian peninsula, Europe, Canada.... a few people want to leave to Europe because their countries have gotten to be so bad (usually after some US war, or after some US directed and financed proxy war ..... such as Somalia, Yemen, Libya, El Salvador etc.). Around the world, no one talks about coming to the USA anymore, no one wants to come to the USA anymore....... there are Latin American countries that the CIA destroyed (Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Haiti, etc.) where many people just can't get to Europe but they can get to the US..... they don't want to permanently move to the US, they just want to come for a decade or two, send as much money 'home' during that decade or two then go back to their homeland or some country near their homeland. Not the US. Haitians for example, want to go to Europe first and foremost, Quebec is their second choice..... the USA is simply a stepping stone for Haitians to get to Europe (their 1st choice) or Quebec (their second choice). The US govt should get a clue that in the 1940s and 1950s there WERE people on earth who genuinely did want to immigrate to the US. It's been decades now that no one wants to permanently immigrate to the US anymore. There are indeed millions of Latin Americans (mostly Caribbean basin countries) who want to get in, make as much money as they can then get out. US govt officials should get the clue that the US is no longer a desirable country that people around the world want to move to ...... and the few who are still willing to come to the US just want to get in, get as much money as they can - while anyone still can before the US economically collapses - then get out of the US as fast as possible. Congrats again on getting out of the US as millions of other Americans (native born and naturalized citizens) have already done! The United States IS the new Nazi Germany. Everyone in NYC either already has a 2nd passport or wants to get a 2nd passport for when - not if, when - the USA collapses. The New Yorkers who have already gotten second passports usually carry them around 24/7 in case the USA collapses in a New York minute instead of a slow motion collapse. No one has a question anymore whether or not the corrupt US secret police state will collapse. Everyone in the USA already knows the USA will collapse (like the whore of babylon itself). A few have questions how (for example, will it be a quick collapse in a New York minute or will it be a slow collapse). Many have the question when? 2033? 2028? 2025? 2024? ... 2023?

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